Laughing Rocks (Смеющиеся Камни, by Poe One)

If you are the kind of person that searches the Internet for awesome breakdance clips, this is the movie for you

laughin rocks poe one фильм смеющиеся камниVideo Description:

This video has some of the illest footage ever captured on film. Watch the diverse mix of different dance styles that make up today's BBoy/BGirl scene.

This video features Poe One, Steelo, Lego, Flomaster, Moy, Ronnie, Mauricio, Kenswift, Ghabin, Dizzy, Ruen, and many more!

All who have and continue to but it down, represent, and get loose, There's no doubt, what's dope is dope. We know you will enjoy so sit back and relax.

Don't bite, get inspired and let us show you the Laughing Rocks of our society.

Special Features:

-The Infamous Trailer

Performers: iron Monkey, Benji, Mookie, Mosquito, Cuy, Groovaloos, Ground Zero, Wicked, Ajax, Zulu Gremlin, Chris, Scottie, Rhythm Bugz, Ben, Poe One, Seth, Abgirl, Next One, Ruen, West Coast Rockers, Inferno, Steelo, full Force, Cloud, Do Knock, Rocanynote, Pryzm, Bryson, Ghost, Roxrite, Exzooberante, Juse Boogy, Alien Ness, Lady Jules, Vizion, zulu Kings, tim, Benny, Ray Ray, Abstrak, Rictor, Lil rock, Mikey, Jeromeskee, Flexible Flav, Kioske, Ice, Skill Methods, Gemini, havikoro, Renegades, Style Elements, Amigo, Flea, Lil Caeser, rock, footwork Fanatix, Wicket, LA Breakers, Ducky, Waseda Breakers, Bug Eyed Bandit, Hung Ten, Moon Cricket, Speedy, Minyx, snake, Flomaster, Rivers Crew, Blitz, Niel, Vengeance, Crumbs, Ronnie, Jay Bend, Summahmed, Lego, Scrambling Feet, David, Quickstep, twixx, Kareem, Reveal, Define, Nabil, Dizzy, Tells one, Beta rawkz, Breeze Team, koolski, Cuzirock, bboy Ivan, Boogie Brats, Flipside Kings, Soul child, Killafornia, Suicidal Lifestyles, Frankie Flave, Sonny, Ken Swift, Proto J, Supernaturalz, Laos, Originality Stands Alone, Legacy, hepps Fury, Flex, Moy, remind, Gabon, Flight, Marlon, Boo Rock, Kamel, rocksteady, Cheo, Orbit, Massive Monkees, rawbzilla, Alex, Lil B, rudy Goblin, t Rock, jessefecks, Soulstress, Anthrax, Precision

Barry / BBoy GRIZ of Pittsburgh
Laughing Rocks
If you are the kind of person that searches the Internet for awesome breakdance clips, this is the movie for you. The film features sick footage from battles as well as breakers jamming in different locations. This is a great movie to watch with friends and talk about breaking while enjoying the phat beats. Some of the footage is a bit grainy and the dancers are not identified until the end of the video, but that’s expected with a movie filled with clips from different events and times. There is no chapter menu but one could argue that it is not really needed since the film is not organized into discrete sections. Poe One and Steelo have good taste and they have been breaking long enough to compile quite a bit of quality footage. I think this is a great movie for any aspiring BBoy or BGirl. Barry / BBoy GRIZ, President,, Inc.

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